Are You People Try’in to Upset Lanetta?


Lanetta was CO-VINCED she’d have at least 125 thumbs ups by now on her “I LOVE LANETTA” fan page, but when she last checked her facebook’s, she had an ugly two digits staring right back at her.

Is it too much to ask you dumb people to log into your computer machines and show Lanetta some love?

You idiots must think its easy doin what I do? You try goin through stacks and stacks of mail each day readin stupid questions from stupid people.

Many days I wander why I put myself through all this mess, and the answer is always the same… if I can make just one less person stupider, then that is my mission in life and my cross to bear.

DON’T BE STUPID PEOPLE! Help Lanetta get her “I LOVE LANETTA” fan page numbers up and into them three digits.

Trust me…I WILL be checking them numbers after my “I Weigh 600 Pounds” TV show is done and over with tonight.

If Lanetta sees them dang same two digits resting next to that stupid thumbs up picture, she’s gonna be forced to change out of her duster and drive all the way down to the Texico for a 12 pack, cause they’s gonna be plenty of pain and disappointment for Lanetta to dull.

As a feetnote…I encourage everyone to check out the Weld’s latest issue that hit the news stands today. As always, they’s got some real good content inside… AND…though I‘m not one for self promotionism, you might wanna drop by page 23 and see Lanetta’s latest column in PRINT.

Perhaps my words of wisdom will apply to you and your sad pathetic life too.

Be Blessed,




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