Knock Kneed and Headed to Fyffe

Dear Lanetta,

When considering all the problems our state faces, I think creating a bill that requires women to have a transvaginal ultrasound is a huge waste of time? Where do you stand on this issue Lanetta?

Efficiency Expert

Dear Efficiency Expert,

So you wanna know where I stands on this transvaginal ultrasound mess? I’ll tell you where I  stands on this mess. Lanetta intends to stand with both feet planted firmly on the formica with knees locked. If I ain’t got no say in who gets to tickle my tonsels, then they’re gonna


have to fight hard to gain admission to Lanetta Land…and I am here to warn you…They might have to stand in line, cause I do have a social life.

Long story short…DON’T BE STUPID PEOPLE!…Aint nobody gonna get an invite to LANETTA HEAVEN when flash lights and  suction tubes are involved.

If I want a good probing, I’ll point the Dodge LaBaron to Fyffe and flag down an alien.

Be Blessed,



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