Gays, Guns and Foxholes

Dear Lanetta,

I would like to know your opinion about gays serving in the military. The recent repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell tell policy has created a lot of controversy and some of our politicians think it should be reinstated. What is your opinion?

Gaily Serving

Dear Gaily Serving,

Lawd Lanetta is gonna have to light up a fresh cigarette for this “QUEERY”!

First off, This Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell mess is gettin on my one and only nerve left.

As a proud, flag wavin American citizan, I could’nt care less about whose sleeping with who in the foxhole as long as they keep their gun pointed in the opposite dyrection. The way I see it is, if you got the gumption to take out the enemy in order for Lanetta to keep her freedums of speech, then honey…throw on the high heels and start blowin up stuff.

I have grown quite akustom to my libertees and so again, if it takes a bunch of prissy, light in the loafer homosecshuls to keep it that way, then Lanetta will take out her Kareeoakee Maychine and start wail’en IT’S RAININ MEN all night long.

And as a feetnote, I’ve been shampooed by the same homosecshul for the better part of 10 years and accordin to his swishy self, them gays aint shootin blanks.

STOP BEING STUPID! It only makes sense to Lanetta…that (DEESPITE sexshel Oreotation) if a man’s got his hands around a large weapon, then it oughta be fully loaded and ready to shoot.

Be Blessed,



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