None of Your Business What!

Lanetta, I notice you wear an American flag on your shirt. What are your political views in this election year?

Curious Campaigner

Dear Curious Campaigner,

FOR LOVE OF…You did not just ask me that stupid question did you? As I recall, as an A-MER- i-CAN citizen, I have the right to keep my polotican to myself. Why do you think they let you to stand behind that tacky blue curtain when you cast your vote? I’ll tell you why…so idiots like you can’t see who my canidite of choice is.

And while were on the subject, I don’t know why they have to make them new Lejislation bills on them ballots so dang hard to understand. Them HB explonations are as long as my arm. If I wanted to read a book, I guess I would have stashed a Harlowquin Romance in my purse. Besides, I dont usually give a rats hiney hoo about what I’m votin for any way? At the end of day, I have to ask myself. “Lanetta are these HB’s truly gonna matter a hill of beans to you and your world “… and my conclusion is Hell No, cause, ever since they voted my bingo slot machine gambling Illegal” I don’t much care if they add a new access road to that howty towty Gallarier shopping mall or not.

Oh and before I forget, why are them people trying to sale me a bunch of crap when I am walking into my dezignated votin precinkt? if I wanted a downut or a piece of coconut cake while I was votin, I guess I wold have brought my own box of Little Debbie snack cakes. How do I even know if these people keep their kitchins clean? They might be the kind of idiots who let their cats walk all over their counter tops. I once bought a brownie from some idiot raising money for a new football score board and I swear, if that wasn’t a cat hair I pulled out my mouth, then I pray to God I never will have to know what it was. I aint touched a brownie or cat since.

Why don’t you get out of Lanetta’s grill and focus on why you need to know everybody’s votin bizness. Remember…Loose Lips Sinks Ships! METOMORIFCALIE speaking,You’d better go grab a bucket cause somethin tells Lanetta your dingy has done sprang a leek!

Be Blessed – Lanetta


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