WWLD…What Would Lanetta Do?

I KNOW all you BLAWGERS  out there must be thinking to yourself…who the heck is LANETTA TAPSCOTT?  The short answer is,, I’m a 56 year old woman who has been blessed with knowing just about everything there is to know about life, love and all the stuff that goes in between. Some would say that I tend to be extremely O-PEN- U-NATED. Well… when blessed with a gift like I’ve been blessed, you ought use it and if you don’t…SHAME ON YOU! You see, I picked along time ago to use my gift and worldie know -how in order to help all you poor pay-thetic souls, who have nothing better to do than to sit around all day reading blawgs. But I guess if you gotta read a blawg all day long, I’m awful glad you chose to read ole Lanetta’s.

WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE BLAWG READERS…Send them questions in and find out WWLD…What Would Lanetta Do!


If you find yourself in a deelima and need some guidance, Send your problem my way. Lanetta here will be more than happy to tell you EXACTLEE what you need to do in order to STOP BEING SO STUPID!

Be Blessed – Lanetta

“I will answer any questions someone throws my way, but I don’t won’t to hear no WINE’N, cause IF I wanted  to hear WINE’N, I would have stayed with that lousy Third husband of mine!” – Lanetta Tapscott

From her book – Lanetta’s Recipe for Good Listening


4 thoughts on “WWLD…What Would Lanetta Do?

    • Lawd…It’s Happy Chappy gettin on Lanetta’s nerves again. I think I made it purfectlie clear last time you stalked me, that I ain’t about to crawl around that storage unit out back just to reetreeve you a copy of my book.

      Why don’t you try crawlin over a lawn mower and a broken down jet ski and see how you like gettin motor oil stains all over your best pair of wranglers. If you HC want a Lanetta Book, then you will just have to wait until she feels good and ready or until the front yard needs cuttin….which ever comes first.

      Thanks to your annoyin self, I’m gonna have to put pen to the paper and write another book.

      I shall call it…”NO MEANS NO…Especially When Motor Oil is Involved”.

      Be Blessed,


    • Dear Orgasm Sally,

      Are you kidd’in me…latex allergy? Lanetta doesn’t even wanna know what kind of symptoms go with a latex allergy, but somethin’n tells me it most likelee nessitates a trip down to the county health deepartment and a big ole tube of stanky salve.

      Seems to me you are gonna have to start practicing what is commonly referred to by them Catholics as the “Rytham Methad”. Now I aint real sure what this methad entails, but I would suggest you get a boom box, pop a Gloria Esteefon cassette tape inside, place it next to the water bed and learn how to keep a beat. Like I always say, “Learn to Keep a Beat or Learn to Beat a Kid”. Your Choice.

      Be Blessed,


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