Your Thoughts on Lanetta

Here’s a chance for you blawgers to chime in and give your OPINIANS on what you think about Ole Lanetta and the good work she is doin. Just remember though, I am considered by many to be a gintle, sinsitive woman. SO DON’T BE STUPID AND SAY SOMETHING DUMB!

Be Blessed – Lanetta


4 thoughts on “Your Thoughts on Lanetta

  1. Dear Disgusted Reader,

    Is Lanetta decipherin your message correckly? Are you really questnin Lanetta’s intelligince?

    Well let me tell you somethin D.R…I finished third in my class in vocational school…yep you heard right..THIRD, and when the four of us in my class gradtuated, I got a certificate sayin as much….and let me tell you another thing, If I am so dumb, then why was I selected to be second chair in my high school bands tuba section? Can you play a tuba ANNNND rinse and set a head of hair ALL AT THE SAME TIME? I would serizly doubt it.

    And as far as my politikal preferances, I don’t DIVULGE what party I am alined with. DON’T BE STUPID…go back and read some of Lanetta’s Responses on this very subject matter. I shant repeet myself. I ain’t no parret.

    And D.R. don’t worrie about putt’n me on your pray’er lists. Lanetta’s name has been put on more pray’er lists than she can count in one life time. Save the space for somebody else. Somethin tells me you probablie know alot of trashy people who could use some prayin for.

    How Ever…Despite the ugly tone you have afflicted upawn me, I shall put you on MY OWN pray’er list. It’s about time that list was dusted off anyhow, cause I know a few other souls (not unlike yourself) that ain’t actin BIBLE BASED.

    DON’T BE DUMB… Start listenin to my words of wisdom. You will be glad you did.

    Be Blessed – Lanetta

    • Why Thank you Chipper Doodle Do!

      Lanetta does appreshate yer kind words, but Lawd I think I deserve more akolades than one sorry sentence. To reegain Lanetta’s respect, you best go to the I Love Lanetta Fan Page on the face books and hit the thumbs up. I need to feel some love dew to the fact that I got a dent in my hair do today cause I ran out of tisshoe paper last night and was unable to wrap my head.

      If you really wanna get in Lanetta’s good graces, incourage all your friends to to LIKE me too.

      I’m down to my last beer and so, I need somethin to lift my spirits.

      Be Blessed,


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